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Understanding VMware Cloud on AWS Account Structure and Data Charges

Gilles Chekroun Lead NSX Systems Engineer - VMware Europe --- With the success of VMware Cloud on AWS service, I often get asked by my Customers about the AWS Accounts Structure and Data Charges. It is important to understand who owns what and how AWS charges will be seen. Accounts Structure The VMware Cloud SDDC account: This owned by VMware and the Customer SDDC will be deployed in that VPC. The cluster(s) nodes are EC2 bare-metal instances deployed in that VPC and belong to VMware. This is paid to AWS by VMware directly but this is dedicated to the Customer. VMware has a different account per customer and the resources deployed are not shared. The Egress charges are also negotiated and a bit lower than regular egress charges. The AWS Customer Account: This is owned by the Customer and will be linked to the VMware account. AWS resources in that account are paid directly by the Customer to AWS. There is a private connection to the VMware Cloud SDDC on the Netwo