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Create a vCenter Content Library using AWS S3 - Part 2

Gilles Chekroun Lead NSX Systems Engineer - VMware Europe --- 10-April-2019 indexing  script updated for SDDC ver 1.6!! 23-Sept-2018  UPDATE BELOW !! A few months ago, I wrote a first part about creating a VMware Cloud on AWS vCenter Content Library using AWS S3. It was not an ideal solution since the indexing was done on the local machine. Working together with  Eric Yanping Cao  and William Lam , we laid the foundation for having the complete Content Library in AWS S3 and indexing it directly in S3 without having to transfer any images locally. Congratulations to Eric who did a fantastic job in python3 using boto3 to access the root S3 bucket and indexing it. File Structure Although AWS S3 is an object oriented service, we can have a pseudo file structure with a root bucket and subsequent folders below it with the various VM templates or ISO files. NOTE : Make sure you don't have any spaces in the folders name ! For my tests I am using the following structure: