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AWS Transit Gateway and VMware Cloud on AWS

Gilles Chekroun Lead VMware Cloud on AWS Specialist --- With the release of AWS transit Gateway , connecting VPCs to VMware Cloud on AWS became much more easy. This blog post will go through the detailed setup for the TGW and Firewall rules on VMC. NSX-T SDDC and the Transit Gateway Since November 2018, all new SDDCs deployed will be NSX-T based. I am assuming that the reader is familiar with that deployment and will have an SDDC ready. The goal of the AWS Transit Gateway is to allow easy, scalable and performant connectivity between multiple VPCs. Our lab setup will be something like the schema below. Lab Setup On VMware Cloud on AWS side we have two Logical segments ( and .2.0/24). On segment 1, a small Linux machine (.9) and ubuntu machine (.17). On segment 2 just a small Linux machine (.2) so we can do ping tests. On the side AWS side, I deployed two VPCs (VPC2 and VPC3) with CIDR of and In each one I have a small E