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Use PowerCLI to set your SDDC Route Based VPN

Gilles Chekroun Lead VMware Cloud on AWS Specialist --- To Create a Site-to-Site VPN, there are basically 2 methods: - a route based VPN - a policy based VPN This article will describe the route based VPN between VMware Cloud on AWS as local site and AWS Transit Gateway as remote site. Following up on my previous article on building SDDC Firewall rules using PowerCLI, William and I did more work to build new functions related to VMware Cloud on AWS Route based VPN. We examined the 5 API calls needed to build a route based VPN tunnel here . This was using Python code. PowerCLI functions Using Power Shell and PowerCLI is more simple. We built 3 functions:     - Create Route Based VPN     - Get Route Based VPN info     - Delete Route Based VPN Create Route Base VPN Step 1 - Get the NSX-T and VMC PowerShell modules. Download and import VMware.VMC.NSXT and VMware.VMC .     Import-Module ./VMware.VMC.NSXT.psd1     Import-Module ./VMware.VMC.psd1      Step 2  - G