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Use PowerCLI to set your SDDC Policy Based VPN

Gilles Chekroun Lead VMware Cloud on AWS Specialist --- In the previous post , we talked about using PowerCLI to setup a route-based VPN. This post will show how to setup a policy based VPN. For that I will use a new AWS VPC and a Customer Gateway with a Virtual Gateway in AWS natively. This sets up 2 VPN tunnels with static routes compared to the BGP routes with the route-based VPN. PowerCLI Functions New-NSXTPolicyBasedVPN Get-NSXTPolicyBasedVPN Remove-NSXTPolicyBasedVPN JSON and PSObjects In this post I want to go a bit deeper on the relation between JSON and the PowerShell Objects. To set the VPN Tunnels, we use API calls and with that we need to pass a payload that will carry our multiple parameters like IP addresses, passwords, IKE and Tunnel encryption digest / algorithms. The Java Script Object Notation (JSON) is mostly used with APIs and our NSX-T Policy APIs are not any exception. When we write a PowerCLI function we need to map the JSON notation to P