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VMware Cloud on AWS: From Zero to TKG

Gilles Chekroun Lead VMware Cloud on AWS Solutions Architect --- With the recent release of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (aka TKG), the updated  preview from William Lam and the excellent post from Alex Dess , I wanted  to use the Terraform work I did in previous blogs here and here and try to automate the complete deployment from creating the SDDC, configuring the NSX-T networking and security and deploying the TKG clusters. I wanted  also to give credits to Tom Schwaller for helping me on various traps in this whole process. Terraform + Ansible = buddies In this exercise, I will use Terraform to deploy the VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure and Ansible to configure and deploy the TKG clusters. Recap on TKG+ on VMC There are many many posts around TKG and the short description is that  Tanzu Kubernetes Grid leverages Cluster API to bring declarative statements for the creation, configuration and management of Kubernetes Clusters. VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Plus o