The Lonely VGW

Gilles Chekroun
Lead VMware Cloud on AWS Solutions Architect
Once upon a time in a remote country, there lived a VGW. 
He was lonely and not attached to anything. 
A few SDDCs were sad to see that lonely VGW and decided to establish route-based VPN to him to make some friendship. 
The lonely VGW was very happy to have new friends and decided to propagate all SDDC routes to everyone. 
SDDCs were even more happy because they learned everyone's routes via BGP and were able to communicate freely. 
SDDCs and VGW lived together very happily for ever after.


During my studies on VPN, I saw a very interesting site here that describes how a Virtual private Gateway can propagate BGP routes learned from attached Customer Gateways.
I decided to do a quick test using VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs as customer gateways and I was really surprised by the results.


Very straight forward as described in the picture below:

1 - Create a Virtual private Gateway

2 - Create VPN Connections

Note the SDDC VPN public IP from the Networking and Security Overview Tab
and use it as "Customer gateway IP address"

Open the SDDC VPN Tunnel FW rule
Create the Route based VPN in the SDDC

3 - Check AWS connectivity

Check SDDC Advertised routes

4 - Setup the second SDDC

Don't forget to set the Local ASN number
Create the Route based VPN on the second SDDC
Check learned routes from SDDC1

4 - Go back to SDDC1

Check the routes learned from SDDC2

5 - Repeat the process for SDDC3

I will leave it to you ;)


By opening the proper FW rules in both SDDCs, any VM can communicate with any other VM in any other SDDC.

Thanks for reading.



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