My Best Wishes for 2021


Gilles Chekroun

Lead VMware Cloud on AWS Solutions Architect and CTO Ambassador

After a year of many challenges, may 2021 bring you and your loved ones a lot of joy and happiness. 

Thanks to my Customers and Partners that motivate me with new challenges. This blog is for you all.
Thanks to my Team and Colleagues for referring this blog so often internally and externally.
And last but not least, thanks to all my readers !!

One year we just want to forget

My  last day in the  office was on March 10 having a meeting with a large organisation.
Since then it was working from home like many of us.
I am so lucky to work for a company like  VMware that gave us all the tools and flexibility to work from anywhere.

Commuting from home to work

My commuting resumes itself to 13 stairs from my home office in the first floor to the living room downstairs.
I found myself working much more hours. Difficult to "switch" from work to home. 
Nobody likes traffic jams but I found myself missing the work-home commute time that really switches you off the office.

Life inside

No more travel - no more (physical) meetings. Just Zoom, Teams, Chime to talk to customers and see sometimes a cat or a dog in the background or even a child in pyjamas disturbing dad in is home office.
At the beginning it was disturbing me entering the private area of people seeing the  kitchen, the living room, the attic but then people got familiar with virtual backgrounds.

Life outside

Wearing masks, fighting for  toilet paper in the supermarket where you have to make your shopping in 30 mins was not pleasant. Fortunately people realised  that everything is "normal" and no food or supplies were going to be in shortage. Yes, sometimes you had to wait outside  of the shop but ok, nothing dramatic.

Internet shopping

Oh yes, this year I ordered so many things on the net and sometimes it was funny to see the delivery person just dropping your package in front of your door and run away even before you open  the door.

Getting used to Lockdown

Unfortunately this year we did not have real vacations like previous years. VMware was kind enough to allocate days off to everyone in the company including this last week of the year.
Thank you VMware.

Light at the end of  the tunnel

And then the Covid19 vaccines are coming up. This will be way to get rid of that situation and come back to a "normal life".
Huge efforts from pharmaceutical companies - congratulations. But also huge efforts from governments that are pushing  all the logistics needed to inoculate  their population.

Happy New Year


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