CTO Ambassador


Gilles Chekroun

Lead VMware Cloud on AWS Solutions Architect

Got a nice surprise in my mailbox today announcing my nomination to the CTO Ambassador program:

I am super happy about that. It is a great recognition from VMware and a very special program.

I want to thank everyone that helped me and pushed me to achieve this and in particular:

  • Nico Vibert, my buddy who reviewed my application deeply and insisted to talk about my Cisco career. 
  • Roberto Canton, that gave me the most important directions on what to include in my application.
  • Katherine Lightner, for the continuous support she gives to me and to her team. The success of a manager is the success of the team.

What is the CTO Ambassador program?

The CTO Ambassador program is run by the VMware Office of the CTO. 
The CTO Ambassadors are members of a small group of our most experienced and talented customer facing, individual contributor technologists. 
They are pre-sales systems engineers (SEs), technical account managers (TAMs), professional services consultants, architects and global support services engineers. 
The ambassadors help to ensure a tight collaboration between R&D and our customers so that we can address current customer issues and future needs as effectively as possible.

This picture says it all - Innovation, Creativity, Technology, Ideas, Vision, Research, Invention - this is the heart of the CTOA program.

Looking forward to contributing to it.



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