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Peer VMware managed TGW to AWS TGW in multi-region and multi-accounts

Gilles Chekroun
 Lead VMware Cloud on AWS Solutions Architect --- UPDATED with On-prem connectivity (21 Sept 2021) VMware Managed Transit Gateway (aka vTGW or VMware Transit Connect) has now the capability to peer with an AWS TGW in a different AWS region . This is a new capability that will be introduced in the VMC release 1.16 but already available from 1.12 and up latest updates. TGW peering This capability has been available for quite some time with AWS Networking. Today the routing between TGWs is static although AWS recommends to use different ASN in case BGP Dynamic routing will come later. "To route traffic between the transit gateways, add a static route to the transit gateway route table that points to the transit gateway peering attachment. We recommend using unique ASNs for the peered transit gateways to take advantage of future route propagation capabilities." The following post will describe a vTGW to a TGW in multi-region - multi accounts setup. Peering Link En