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Terraform VMC provider update with SDDC Grouping

Gilles Chekroun Lead VMware Cloud on AWS Solutions Architect --- With the recent release of VMC terraform provider 1.12 , we have now the SDDC Grouping function that will allow us to create SDDC group and attach SDDC. Code example /*============== SDDC Group ===============*/ resource "vmc_sddc_group" "TF_Group" { name = "TF_Group" description = "SDDC Group Terraform" sddc_member_ids = [ vmc_sddc . Terraform_SDDC1 . id ] } Just add the sddc_group resource. Give it a name and description and a list of SDDCs you want to attach. Here only one. Add some outputs you want to get like: output "vTGW_ID" { value = vmc_sddc_group . TF_Group . tgw_id } output "vTGW_Region" { value = vmc_sddc_group . TF_Group . tgw_region } terraform apply Terraform will perform the following actions:   # module.SDDC.vmc_sddc_group.TF_Group will be created   + resource "vmc_sddc_group&qu